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For a large catering business, a constant supply of water is absolutely essential. Customers will be always be on the lookout for more coffee, tea or other hot drinks, and it would be placing a burden on your serving staff to constantly run to and from a kitchen tap to fill a kettle - as well as take the kind of time that leads to a long line of disgruntled customers.

A water boiler will eradicate any of these issues, simply plugging into a wall socket and keeping a constant stream of hot water available. GM Supplies have a vast range of water boilers available to be ordered online, with size and dimensions to suit any kitchen. There are almost a dozen manufacturers to choose from - including such luminaries as Instanta, Buffalo and Burco - and every water boiler supplied by GM can be delivered quickly. 

If your business involves serving hot drinks, a water boiler is simply essential. Take a look at the range on offer from GM Supplies, and place an order with confidence - your customers will thank you for it.

Water Boilers

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  1. Water Boiler Filter Installation Kit AE141

    • Temperature Range 4.4øC to 38øC
    • Weight 0.86kg
    • Filter reduces chlorine, improving the taste and odour of the water.
    • Includes relevant fittings and tubing to attach the subsequent components to the machine outlet.
    • Filters out dirt and particles as small as 1 micron.

1 Item(s)

products per page