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Swibo Knives

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  1. Swibo Boning Knife 16cm L102

    Blade Length: 6.5". Weight: 130g
  2. Swibo Boning Knife Curved Blade 16cm L142

    Blade Length: 6.5". Weight: 120g
  3. Swibo Narrow Boning Knife 16cm L158

    Blade Length: 6.5". Weight: 100g
  4. Swibo Boning Knife 18cm L103

    Blade Length: 7". Weight: 140g

    Out of stock

  5. Swibo Flexible Fish Knife 20.5cm L114

    Blade Length: 8". Weight: 80g
  6. Swibo Serrated Slicer 25.5cm L110

    Blade Length: 10". Weight: 150g
  7. Swibo Slicer 30.5cm L108

    Blade Length: 12". Weight: 150g
  8. Swibo Wide Blade Chefs Knife 21.5cm L116

    Blade Length: 8.5". Weight: 210g
  9. Slicer Serrated Blade 30.5cm L112

    Blade Length: 12". Weight: 160g
  10. Swibo Wide Blade Chefs Knife 25.5cm L118

    Blade Length: 10". Weight: 250g
  11. Swibo Butchers Knife 25.5cm L196

    Blade Length: 10". Weight: 210g
  12. Swibo Butchers Knife 30.5cm L200

    Blade Length: 12". Weight: 250g
  13. Designline Drop In Multideck with Rear Doors 1175mm

    3 Shelves. Self Service. 1175mm Wide. Rear Doors
  14. Designline Drop In Multideck with Rear Doors 1525mm

    3 Shelves. Self Service. 1525mm Wide. Rear Doors

14 Item(s)

products per page