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Kitchenware and Knives

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Kitchenware and Knives

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  1. Vogue Hanging Frame CC179

    Material: Stainless steel. For use with K934 and K825
  2. Vogue Cutlery Bin J702

    9.25 litres. Clips on to trolley CF101
  3. Chair Strap for GF944 Chair Trolley GF967

    Size: 5m. For use with GF944
  4. Vogue Hanging Refuse Collector S309

    Material: Stainless steel. Size: GN 1/3. Fits clearing trolleys
  5. Vogue Refuse Bin J691

    29 litre. Clips on to trolleys CF101 and CF102
  6. Rubbermaid Cutlery Bin J658

    Capacity: 15Ltr. For use with Rubbermaid utility trolleys
  7. £25.84
  8. Vogue Folding Sack Truck CD553

    Material: Aluminium. Size: 736(H) x 482(W) x 250(D)mm. Capacity: 45kg
  9. Rubbermaid Refuse Bin J657

    Capacity: 30Ltr. For use with Rubbermaid utility trolleys
  10. £47.52
  11. Vogue Glass Racking Trolley 3 Tiers 350mm CF917

    Material: Stainless steel. Size: 838(H) x 355(W) x 355(D)mm. Capacity: 3 baskets (350x350mm)
  12. Vogue Stainless Steel 3 Tier Clearing Trolley Large F995

    Material: Stainless steel. Size: 930(H) x 860(W) x 535(D)mm. Capacity: 128kg

Items 1 to 12 of 100 total

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