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A nice drizzling of warm sauce can add a delicious element of flavour to a hot sandwich served in your restaurant, whether dining in or taking out. We provide warming dispenser options suitable for a variety of service, including a three sauce bottle warmer, a variety of fudge warmers, as well as pump-style dispensers. If you’re serving fudge, simply decide whether a ladle or a pump is more appropriate for your environment and start enjoying delicious hot fudge sundaes, warm liquid cheese for your nachos, or hot caramel on your icing. 

With notable brands like Server and JM Posner the quality of all the products we sell is completely guaranteed and the capacities vary between 0.9 litres and 2.8 litres. With simple on and off mechanisms and adjustable heat dials to set an appropriate temperature for your sauce, they are simple to use and a useful addition to any commercial kitchen. 

All of our actively warming dispensers our powered by a standard thirteen amp, three plug power supply. In addition to the actively warming dispensers we offer, there are also the sauce bottles themselves, as well as active warmers with a heated nozzle. Regardless of whether you run a snack bar, a restaurant, or an ice cream shop, a hot sauce dispenser will help take your food to the next level.

Hot Sauce Dispensers

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  1. Server Touch 3 Sauce Bottle Warmer

    Capacity: 3x 16oz Bottle. 500W
  2. Server Food Warmer Fudge with Ladle

    Capacity: 2.8Ltr. Ladle
  3. £512.17
  4. Server Food Warmer Fudge with Pump

    Capacity: 2.8Ltr. Pump
  5. £595.32

5 Item(s)

products per page