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Before you buy any toaster, you need to consider some few issues. Know the type of item that you regularly toast, the number of people who’ll use the toaster and also the amount of space it will occupy in your kitchen. What exactly do you like to toast? 

Our combi toaster will help you cook any thick sliced bread. Good examples include uncut loaves, toasted sandwiches, bagels, and crumpets. Of course, you’ll need adjustable or wider slots to fit them in. Bun or bagel settings allow you to toast on each side and warm the other.

You’ll also find other accessories such as warming racks to toast foods such as pancakes or croissants. We provide you with a high-quality lift system of your bread carriage system for those who enjoy toasting small items such as crumpets or cakes. With such a modification, you can now remove them without even burning your fingers. Also, you can make use of the sandwich cage. 

If you need a toaster for business use, for example in hotels, the Dualit toaster is arguably the best choice. All in all, our overall toaster output is fantastic, offering you with a unique cooking experience. You also don’t have to worry about the size it may occupy in your kitchen, our combi toaster can fit perfectly in your home or hotel cooking area.

Combi Toasters

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  1. Hendi 261163 Sandwich Toaster

    • Dimensions 223(H) x 300(W) x 200(D)mm
    • Material Stainless steel

  2. Dualit L139 2x2 Combi Toaster

    4 Slice.Colour:Stainless Plus .Aluminium castings
  3. Roller Grill FC 380 TQ

    FC380TQ Specifications

    • Weight: 22kg
    • Dimensions (mm): 550 X 550 X 355
    • Oven Type: Convection
    • Power: 2.5 KW
    • Power connection: 13 amp plug
    • Shelf area: 400 X 295
    • Temp C (min): 0
    • Temp C (max): 270
    • Price: £795.00

3 Item(s)

products per page